Blackcurrant and Copper Nails

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I've been loving Barry M lately, and I especially have since they released some super dark vampy shades in there Gelly Hi-Shine range! The shade I decided to buy was called Blackcurrant and is a very dark plum colour. Its so gorgeous especially for throughout the Winter months. The three other shades in the collection are a dark red, dark blue and dark green. My only issue with these new polishes is the formula, I have been buying from the Gelly Hi-Shine range ever since it was released and its always been a thick formula which hardens and stays put for days on end. However with these new shades the formula has definitely been changed, its a lot thinner and to be honest not nearly as good! These nails lasted 2 days before 3 of them had chipped and 1 was peeling off completely! Its a shame because the shades are gorgeous!

Nonetheless I paired this polish with a Barry M glitter, a stunning bronze and gold glitter called 'Copper', perfect for Christmas! Ever since the start of November I've been dying to wear glitter polishes and this one is definitely going to be a firm favourite this Winter I think!

What glitter polishes have you been loving?

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  1. I love the combination with the glitter - so pretty!

    Lucy |

  2. Loving this combo! :) It's classy, edgy, and perfect for autumn. x Thanks for sharing, lovely! x


  3. So in love with this color combination!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  4. It's so nice, but too bad they chipped so soon!

  5. Love this! Really need to get back into painting my nails!

  6. Ooh they go really well together! I love Barry M polishes xx

  7. You are so inspiring! I am in love with this blog post!


  8. Wow! They look amazing together! I love how you put the gold as an accent!

    Sneha | Miss Joy

  9. Yasssss I'm a huge fan of Barry M (I only wear barry M)
    I have got to try the copper
    that colour looks lushhhh

  10. I've been having a hard time deciding what color I want to paint my nails next. Love this for some inspiration!

  11. Gorgeous colour. Perfect for winter.


  12. Love this look! Perfect nails for fall/winter!!

    Caroline |

  13. This combo is soo pretty!! (: perfect for fall
    Nati xx

  14. Love that copper color, such a gorgeous shade! Great post! :)
    xo Kiki

  15. I have been looking for some new nail polish shades for a while. I love the look of both of these, especially with the glitter shade over the Blackcurrant shade. Great post.

    Beth x

  16. i don't think i've ever tried a glitter polish but this looks so nice!

    danielle | avec danielle

  17. The copper is amazing! Great post!

  18. Ooh this is such a gorgeous combination for winter, love it x

    Beauty with charm

  19. ok so that blackcurrant nail varnish i'm going to get, just what i'm after x

  20. Love the sparkly gold shade!!

  21. BRB. Just popping out to boots now to get these:P

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic.

  22. great nails :) I love the effect

    new post

  23. What a gorgeous combo, wow. That's unfortunate that the new formulas chip after a couple days but maybe some awesome base and top coats could help? Beautiful! Xx

    Rosy Cheeks |

  24. These shades look gorgeous together - really like these! I have only tried Nails inc. glitter polishes, so I need to broaden my horizons. But they are still great polishes that you should definitely check out too.

    - - My Autumn Matte Make-up Look

  25. Lovely mani; shame it didn't last that long!


  26. I absolutely love these two combined because it's such a perfect look for this time of year. Well done! xx,

  27. Such a good review! I love the Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes but I haven't tried the darker shades yet. Please check out my blog


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