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Monday, November 02, 2015

L - R: Shiitake, Woodwork, Candied Almond, Raw Umber

As soon as I heard about the new H&M beauty range I couldn't wait to give it a go, however I soon discovered that my local store didn't stock it and after browsing online for what felt like days I just couldn't decide what to get without trying it out. So I made the trip to a store slightly further out in the hope that they would have the range and hallelujah, they did!! I was so excited, the whole range really is beautiful and I had to stop myself from buying every single product. So I narrowed it down to the thing that excites me the most, eye makeup, with a couple of nail polishes thrown in on top.

H&M Nail Polish in U-Taupe-Ia and Verdigris
I always love to try out a new nail polish so I was obviously going to be trying out H&Ms range and boy is there a lot to choose from! I eventually decided to go for a slightly different shade to what I would usually go for (burgundys all the time!) and a lovely glitter to get into the Christmas spirit. The taupe shade is really nice, it came out slightly darker than I expected it to but don't all nail polishes? The brush is thick and wide so this nail polish is so easy to apply; the glitter is gorgeous, although the glittery blues and oranges look scary in the pot, it gives a beautiful coppery look on the nails!

H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Raw Umber
I used to be obsessed with bronze eye liners but have recently been going blacks and dark browns however I could resist giving this beautiful shade a go. The eyeliner is really smooth and creamy, not as long lasting as some waterproof eye liners however the shades they have are beautiful and still last for a good few hours before wearing off.

H&M Eye Colour Palette in Smoky Nudes
I was most excited about these palettes but to be honest they are probably the most disappointing. The shades are all really nice and I'd definitely get wear out of them all however the actual shadows aren't the same as the single shadows. They are okay, but quite chalky and definitely not as silky as the single shadows. I like the palette and will use it but it's nothing special.

H&M High Impact Eye Colour in Shiitake, Woodwork and Candied Almond
These are my favourite out of the whole collection. Seriously, such good quality for the price. The pigmentation is amazing and the actual shadow is silky and glides on to the eyelid so easily. There are so many shades to choose from and I struggled to pick out these three. Shiitake is a gorgeous pale, shimmery brown, Woodwork is a darker brown with gold shimmer in it and Candied Almond slightly more matte chesnut brown, perfect for the crease!

Next up on my list is the cream shadows, have you tried this collection?

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  1. I really need to try some of the H&M beauty products! x


  2. great blog post, had a great read :)... love your blog post :) keep up the good work :)

    Jadiee'sLittleBlog keep in touch


  3. Wow, all these products look SO amazing! I was actually really interested in the palette before I read what you said haha, but the single eyeshadows look really good too! And since I'm super into neutral colors, these are perfect. Will definitely put these on my wishlist! :)

    Sam | http://mybeautycloud.com

  4. Such gorgeous shades, I love everything you got! Really need to try more H&M beauty items too, I wasn't even aware of them! xD xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow
    Follow for follow on instagram :D

  5. I can't wait to purchase some of these!


  6. I have been reading some great reviews on the HM beauty line!! I will pass on the palette and get the individual eyeshadows for sure!

    Thanks for the review! :)
    x Arwa| cremerose.blogspot.com

  7. Darling, this post is so beautiful! Awesome! I can’t wait to see the new one!

    p.s. new post about how I met Victoria Beckham already on my blog

    Diana Cloudlet

  8. I really need to get myself down to H&M beauty!

  9. Love this palette!


  10. The packaging is so pretty on these! I'll have to give some of these a go, it does look very lovely x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | albanajanjeva.com | #ShoesFirst with Marie Claire

  11. I never really checked out their beauty products since I was always distracted by the clothes. Will sure check them out now, these looks nice!

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  12. I love the packaging, going to have to get myself some!

  13. The quality of the liners are crazy good, so creamy and long lasting!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

  14. I've yet to try anything from the H&M Beauty range, and it all looks so good!
    The high impact eye colours sound incredible, love the shades you've picked too
    Will definitely be checking it out next time I'm in store

    What Raj Wants

  15. I would never have thought to go to H&M for beauty stuff - will definitely have to try it out next time I'm shopping x


  16. I keep hearing so many positive things about the H&M range but always forget to go and check them out! I'll have to go in next time, the eyeshadows sound lovely!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  17. I've heard loads of lovely things about the H&M beauty range! I will have to try it :) the nail varnish looks fabulous! x



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